Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nice turkey...

...shame about the legs. My dad got this crazy idea to deep-fry the turkey this year (as if there wouldn't be enough high calorie fare at the Thanksgiving feastravaganza already). He said that the turkey actually tasted delicious - after the crispy-blackened skin was removed, of course. My dad is notorious for burning food, so the crispy turkey is apropos. Gosh - seeing the burned turkey almost made me wish I could have been there to celebrate with them in Oregon. Don't worry; I enjoyed my Thanksgiving holidays regardless - although, decidedly, the holiday wasn't as lively and chaotic as what I am used to "enjoying." Poetroad helped me feel at home, though, by agreeing to yell at me and slam pots and pans around the kitchen. In turn, I agreed to call him an "ass" (a tribute to one of the few times known to mankind that my mom cursed at my dad).

Turns out I probably would have been bored to tears in Oregon anyway. Besides the turkey surprise ( and the fact that one nephew did manage to shatter the glass coffee table - I've been waiting ten years for that to happen), I heard that both of my sister-in-laws behaved this year - no fighting, cold sholdered conversations, or back-handed complements. Ah, well - there's always Christmas.