Monday, July 28, 2008

It is disgusting... easily I can allow myself to be so distracted by the daily grind that I neglect this little space. I definitely need to dust away the cobwebs here, and to do that I'll need a little help. :)

Below is a list of items I've discovered and the location where I found each over the past four weeks.

* One leopard print sandal, size 8.5: found hidden in the shrub by the front door
* One skeleton - not in tact, but I definitely found the hip bones and at least 6 inches of the vertebral column: found scattered all over the back yard
* One small bat - think "billy club" - covered in blood stains: found in the very back of the cupboard above the refrigerator
* One china cup - white with gold trim: also found in a cupboard.
* Four spoons: two found under a tree by the back fence, one found in the dirt in the back yard, one found under a shrub in the front yard.

Based on that information, what do you think went on here with the previous tenants? Your job is to write a story (200 words max.) to unravel the mystery for me.

Post your story on your blog, and then leave the link in the comments section for this post. The scenario I like the best will be featured here on Monday, August 3rd.