Monday, November 30, 2009

Got a package today...

...and the product arrived safely from *China*. Actually, the package is waiting at the post office as I'll need to sign for it. Ah, the sweet smell of capitalist consumerism! The product may be conterfeit, but they do pay attention to some details...such as making sure that my fake product is delivered properly.

Looks like my Fuggs are here!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

In my defense...

...a friend found the great "deal" online, and she passed the web address on to me. Name brand sheepskin boots for half the retail price. Right then and there I should have been suspicious. But, I must confess, all that morning I had been admiring her *real* pair of tall chestnut sheep fur (okay - wool - whatever) lined boots. That was my second mistake. My first mistake was to spend most of the previous night shivering outdoors at a football game. The ol' Converse left my feet exposed to the elements, and by the end of the evening I could have used my feet to ice down a Popsicle. Mistake number three was to think that somehow the hard to believe prices were for legit merchandise. So after I made the secured payment and received the confirmation email from a company that was spelled in Chinese (a company name never mentioned anywhere on the web site), I knew I had been scammed. Of course no one from the company responded to my emails to "cancel the order." As desperate as I was to undo the undo-able, I even considered translating my request into Chinese and emailing that. But they probably outsource anyway, so I abandoned that plan. Now I wait patiently for my order of Fuggs to arrive, and I will be glad when they do come because that will mean that I'm not a total idiot. Then I can hide them in the corner of the closet next to my "Roldex" watch and "Guccli" handbag - a shrine to the demise of capitalism - while I wait for the paypal dispute to be resolved.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Am I losing my mind?

Don't answer that.

A week ago, I lost my "bookmarks toolbar" after a recent Firefox update. I spent at least an hour trying to figure out, a. where it went, and b. how to get it back. And then I just gave up on the whole darned thing.

Today, I opened up my browser, and voila, the toolbar is back. Tricky trick. So here is a tricky haiku:

toolbar gone, then here -
firefox stealth update or
computer gremlins?

A recap of the last month:

soccer games (oldest won a legit trophy; her team earned second place in a soccer tourney)

grading papers. hundreds of them. need to stop assigning work. boo.

karaoke at women's church retreat: costumes of paper, duct tape, and foil were fabulous

homecoming float building

treat or tricking

oldest turned 14

Those were the non-parallel structured highlights. I plead the fifth on the rest.