Sunday, February 26, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Today I woke up to the pleasant feeling of fire in my bladder. UTI. I knew it from the moment I opened my eyes. Poetroad was not home from the Men’s Retreat yet, the doctor’s office is closed on Sunday, and I had two little ones at home (the two olders were at grandma and grandpa’s, thank the Lord).

After first mentally debating whether or not I could make it through the day, I finally decided to have the doctor paged, and I tried not to think about the discomfort while I waited for the return call. I had two options, he said. Go to Urgent Care or go to Urgent Care. So I took option one…and two.

I despise going to the doctor’s office anyway, but I particularly despise going to a place where there are bound to be high volumes of sick people in one little room. In fact, the only difference between Urgent Care and the Emergency room is that the room is smaller at Urgent Care.

The on call doctor advised me to get there 15 minutes before they opened so I could get in and out in a jiffy. Good call because when I arrived, the waiting room was already 1/3 full. Luckily only four of those people were patients. That made me patient number five.

To make a long story shorter, I was in and out of UC in about an hour with prescription in hand – amazing. By the time I left, there were hoards of coughing and other sorts of sickly people waiting to be seen…it was a longer line than the lines I’ve seen at the DMV. I was sure to make the little ones use hand sanitizer as soon as we stepped out of the building.

And now I am only partially delirious. I’ve taken one dose, but I’m not really feeling the effects of the meds yet. That flu-like brain fog and achy body feeling is not gone. Perhaps I’ll take the next dose now…and go back to bed.


Mimi said...

wow. they used to give out blue pills for that.

hope you feel better!

Gracie said...

You are supposed to get up and go to the loo afterwards. I bet he wore you out - you just didn't have the energy to drag your self to the loo. I know you know this - there is no way you don't know...what with the volume of "business" you conduct - he had to have wore you out.

I think I will go eat some chocolate.

pjd said...

sadness, sorrow, woe
can't eat, think while this goes on
I hope you're well soon

(ok, I am having no trouble thinking or eating while you're sick with UTI, but I do hope you feel better soon)

bluesugarpoet said...

Yes, and it sounds nice in a poem...

Thank you all for your well-wishings; I am feeling slightly better (well, I am at work anyway).

You are so right, Gracie...I am sure I did, but it's sometimes difficult to keep track with the frequency and all.

Gracie said...

I can admit that I am just a tad jealous. Does that mean I am saying that it is better a lot of BIZ and a UTI than no BIZ and no UTI? Yes, I think that is what I am saying.

pjd said...

Anagrams for "POST MEDIOCRE" include the following:

sir pee dot com
Ice Poem Dr. Sot
Poem, Cries Dot
Rod Cites Poem
I cede or stomp
Priest coed om
Coed prom site
coed imposter
esprit de como
secret moo dip

and many more.

when did you change it? I must have missed that day.

bluesugarpoet said...

I forgot to say, "Blue pills? What are these magic blue pills?" I did get some pills that help relieve the symptoms, but those are brownish pills (and the medicine makes the patient's pee turn a bright goldenrod - orangeishyellowish - color).

The name change - well Mimi complained a while back to hurry up and get somewhere, and this is where I found myself. I think I made the change a few weeks back, and I was surprised that no one really noticed until now. I think Post-Mediocre is here to stay.

Mimi said...

Blue or green urine may be caused by a blue dye such as methylene blue, a component in several medications (Trac Tabs, Urised, Uroblue) used to reduce symptoms of cystitis. source:

I have no idea what my mother used to give me. she called them "purple pee pills".

I noticed the name change, but didn't comment.