Thursday, March 23, 2006


Yesterday Poetroad saw Mr. Swell and his kid in the field behind our houses playing ball. It was nice to see father and kid enjoying the afternoon together. And then his son threw the ball short. The ball bounced hard on the ground once, and, in an attempt to continue on it's original trajectory, the ball shot into the air. To bad Mr. Swell and his nuts were in the way. Good times.


supergirl said...


pjd said...

national pastime
father-son right of passage
beaning dad's nuts hard

BSP: Would you & Poetroad be willing to comment on a poem I am composing for submission to a "little & literary" journal? I can email copy or print out for your review next week. (I don't have your email address, though.)

An odd side trip in my publishing journey. I know how to get comments on a short story, but I don't know how to get comments on a poem.

bluesugarpoet said...

For sure, I will - and I am flattered! Hey, all of my students out there - my opinion is actually wanted!