Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Goodbye Summer, Hello Again

Once again, I'm still here. You know how it is - add stressor situation to my life = no writing. Oh, I look at my blog page from time to time and think about writing, but sometimes it's just too difficult to put what I feel into words. Add to that an overly self-conscious desire to not gripe and moan - I hate that things bug me...I mean bug me bug me - the result is also "no writing." I've had plenty of blog-worthy experiences over the past two months too. It seems weird to go back and write about everything, just as it would to go back and fill in the blank pages of a diary. So, here is a short list of notable thoughts or happenings over the past two months. Vote for your favorite (all two of you who might still be reading my blog after all of this time), and I'll tell all about that particular situation:

1. Travelling back from Oregon: how we made it to Texas without killing ourselves in the process.

2. Hair cut troubles: why you shouldn't make your Chinese hairdresser miffed.

3. Surreal visit to the recycling center: so "Texas."

4. Epiphany of the week: I will always have troubles.

5. Major decision: why my 6 year old is repeating kindergarten and how she fared in the first five weeks of school.

6. That whole "time-space" continuum thing: how I know my oldest is doomed.


Ch@ndy said...

If I only get two...I'd most like to read about #2 and #6, not necessarily in that order. That said...I need to know about number 5, so you should probably either get crackin' or call me.

Beth said...

I would like to throw in my vote for #2 and for #3.