Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh my. Much ado about something...

My life is so topsy turvy right now that I'm not sure when I posted last! Great news: I got a job. Although I am really exhausted right now...and it's only day two. Yikes!

So I am teaching 10th graders at one of the local high schools. Wow. This is going to be lots of work. Thankfully, I found my lesson plans from the last time I taught this class a few years ago. Unfortunately, each year I try to constantly "improve" (at least I hope that is what I am doing) my teaching techniques/delivery. Boo!

Finally...and the winning story, coming in under 200 words (although I did like Mimi's twisted tale too), was authored by Jerolyn: "The Mystery." Enjoy!

It was a dark and stormy night. Buford sat quietly sipping his tea from the beautiful china cup his mother had given him before leaving London – a small token, but one that reminded him of home. But as he reviewed his day, his demeanor became darker and darker despite the soothing respite. That blasted child had ruined everything. Well, almost. Now she would never bother him again…or anyone else for that matter....

How had she found out his secret? He had taken such care to keep it hidden. He was sure his friends and colleagues never suspected. Possibly his neighbors had an inkling; but never any proof. Buford had been very careful except for one thing; he’d forgotten the spoons. Not even a game of find-the-dead-bat kept her distracted. (However, she did take some time searching for her sandal she’d lost in the process.) Still, she wasn’t deterred from her quest for the truth. But I had to keep my secret hidden. No respectable Englishman uses boiled dirt for his tea.


pjd said...

Job. Yay!

Topsy-turvy. I hear ya, pal.

Dalene said...

Congrats on the job!!! Hope you're having fun with it. You're going through a busy time to say the least!

cute story.

Jerolyn Bogear said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe my story won. I think my dark side was showing that day. You're too kind.

Been praying for you at your job. Wanted to call, but figured life is even too hectic this week to talk on a phone. Hang in there. Two more days and you can take a breath.