Thursday, April 09, 2009


sickly sweet fragrance.
cherry blossoms decaying;
delicious, rotten.

crimson stars bursting -
bloom profusion - neglected
crabapple tree-shrub.

between cement and
asphalt, motor and neon,
dying beauty lives.


JR's Thumbprints said...

... and the moths are beautiful as they flitter about the light with uncontrollable determination until the spiders and bats pick them off one by one.

so when will you start training for that triathlon? need i remind you that 40 is fast approaching. did you sign up for swimming lesson? shouldn't you follow in your brother's footsteps?

Aniket said...

You really love Haiku don't ya??

I loved the third one the most... and loved others very much too.

Haiku are great fun indeed.

PS: Thanks to you, my sister and I have both started responding to Anks.
Her name is Ankita, so her friends call her Anks too. lolzz :-D

Us guys mostly call each other by last names only.

Little Girl Lost said...

WHOA... 3 haiku!! this is lovely... the third one especially :)
its been ages since you visited my blog. please do come :(

Karen said...

Ths is really nice. I don't know if you entered it into CatVibe's contest, but you should have. The contrast between life and death is perfect.

Sarah Hina said...

This is really great, Jana. I love the sequence of haikus, and can almost touch the moment where the tree drops its beauty.

We never really see that moment, though. You're right--it's always concealed.

I think the second haiku was my favorite...those crimson stars bursting. Wow. :)

bluesugarpoet said...

Exactly, JR - Reno is just like that. I jogged by one other jogger, and I couldn't help but wonder if she was a "professional."

Very funny about the triathlon...luckily I have *no* desire to swim in one. My brother's account of being practically drown by swimmers swimming over him frightened me. A dualthon, though...that I might

Aniket - thanks. :) Supply the last name, and I'll start using that, lol. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, lgl! I have stopped by your blog, but I've only been lurking, naughty me!;) I did drop by today, though. And I won't be a stranger in the future.

Thanks for the heads up, Karen - I'll have to drop by Cat's blog and check out that contest...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. Glad you enjoyed my poem. :) As always, you have the unique ability to see beyond the obvious and speak to the heart of the work. I love that!

Little Girl Lost said...

Jana, the fact that YOU considered giving ME the award really made my day *humming to self now*

still thinking !!! said...

....."between cement and
asphalt, motor and neon,
dying beauty lives"

Lovely poem of the decaying earth and
A metaphor to this decaying world too.
Earth and world aren’t that same after all
Seems both have join hands and are ready to fall

still thinking !!! said...

three haikus
belnded together to sing a single "Earth song"

Julie said...

Oh, I love it! I also love the third one. "Motor and neon" are perfect. All three of these also work beautifully as one poem, but I'm sure you know that:) I just feel the need to point it out, because it's such an excellent flow.

laughingwolf said...

too cool, j... :D

bluesugarpoet said...

Still Thinking and Julie - thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. :) Yes, the three really were meant to be a progression. I saw so much more on that short jog, but it boiled down to those three epiphanies. Glad you enjoyed!

thanks, laughingwolf :)