Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Doggy Doo Part Deux

Well, it looks as if my T-Bone doo doo days are long gone. The day after my last "Dog Doo" post, my neighbor hammered a hand-written "For Sale" sign in his front yard. Then three days later, some shady looking guys in a nice pick-up truck/trailer combination arrived. They began loading up everything of value, and when my husband casually strolled over to fish for information, the two walked quickly back into the house. Neither my neighbor nor his kids mentioned a move was in the works - and believe me, his kids tell all unsolicited. So my husband and I aren't quite sure if the house was foreclosed on or if my neighbor elected to give up his earthly possessions rather than get his kneecaps shattered by a "Gambling" debt collector.


Anyway, T-Bone will just have to settle for pooping in his owner's yard. That, or the "upscale" neighbors that live next to T's owner are going to have a surprise in their front lawn tomorrow.

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