Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Habit

I have a confession to make. I am a user…a make-up user, that is. At first I just used a little mascara every once in a while just for fun. It made me feel “grown up.” Next thing I know, I was using mascara daily – even if I didn’t plan on seeing anyone special that day.

But soon mascara alone wasn’t enough to satiate my need to use. I noticed that the natural glow in my cheeks was fading, so I tried using a little rouge. Before I realized it, I was doing rouge and mascara every morning. Sometimes I was even sneaking in another application late in the afternoon.

And then I went over the edge; I began to use lipstick and foundation. And eye shadow. I just couldn’t help myself. Choosing different colors of lipstick and rouge and eye shadow to match my outfits – or my mood – well the combinations are endless.

Since my habit has gotten pretty serious, I no longer rely on the cheap drugstore brands. I buy exclusively from my dealer. Cute little perky thing, she is.

She isn’t making it any easier for me to quit or cut back either – not that I want to. The almost monthly catalog taunts me with the latest colors. Also, if I purchase a mere $40 worth of product, there seems to be a little “gift” I can earn.

Oh, I just saw the mail carrier…gotta check and see if that new catalog is here…


Ch@ndy said...

I always knew that once you start it would be hard to stop. For a while I was a pretty heavy user but that was after I decided to try to make some extra money by feeding other people's habits. In the end, I realized that the benefits were never going to outweigh the costs and I eventually just gave my inventory away. I could never bring myself to using more than for recreational purposes.

I still don't use every day (or at least not much) and I certainly have never gotten into mascara or foundation...that is some crazy shit. Every once in a while I use a little mascara but I always feel worse for it the next day. It just isn't worth it to me.

I guess I have to admit I have used foundation once in a while but only when there was a real problem in my life (like a blemish) and there was no other way to deal with it. My foundation binges never lasted more than a few days, except during that six month period when I was dealing, but that was years ago.

Mimi said...

that's all fine, except just say no to foundation. I mean, unless as chandy said you have a real need, that's just asking for trouble. I mean, eventually the foundation stops and you start, and blending is difficult and color matching too tough, and god made you that color anyway. plus - kissing foundation. that's no fun. they taste test lipstick; but foundation? just say no.

bluesugarpoet said...

Yes, we will leave the foundation to those who have uneven skin tone and other disfigurements to conceal. I'm not there. (But you can't make me give up the concealer I use to cover up those dark circles under my eyes...I need it...I NEED it.)