Monday, July 25, 2005

monday morning coffee blues

Desperate times require desperate measures. We ran out of coffee four days ago, and no one has made it to the store to buy more since. So it was this morning after enduring four mornings straight without coffee that I did the unthinkable. I made a pot of Folger’s. And I drank some. Now I wouldn’t say I am an addict (no caffeine withdrawals of note), but for those mornings when one of the four children wakes me up somewhere around dawn (which seems to be everyday lately), caffeine helps.

And why does this coffee snob have Folger’s in her cupboard? It was one of those one-pot bags that our neighbors snagged from a hotel room, and since they are non-coffeeites, they gave it to us. I remember saying, “Gee thanks,” and thinking, “There is no way in hell I will ever drink this!” Today I am glad that I didn’t throw it away…almost. I have to admit it has been a tad hot around here, so maybe I’m a little closer to hell than I thought.

Was the coffee good? No way. Not even close. It tasted very much like a warm cup of dirt filtered through a used gym sock. With a hint of vanilla. It had that funky aftertaste, too, that one tastes after taking a bite of sugar free pudding.

Ironically, I strangely felt the same way after drinking a cup of Folger’s Dirt ‘0 Brew as I do after I take a bite of sugar free pudding. The anticipation is there, it looks like yummy pudding (except for those chunky lumps that just aren’t there in real pudding), and the initial bite is delicious. Okay, not quite delicious, but it’s not horrible…wait a few seconds, swallow…ewww, tastes like poop. That’s pretty much how every gulp of coffee went down this morning.


Ch@ndy said...


Mimi said...

hey, I drink the generic folgers every day!

bluesugarpoet said...

mimi, you just keep on doing that. Ignorance is bliss. LOL But like I said, I am a coffee snob.

pjd said...

Personally, I prefer tea. Coffee has so many bad things in it, and tea is loaded with antioxidants. But a few months back I ran into a tea snob. I was at a conference, and the only decaf tea (yes I drink decaf, so sue me) they had was Lipton. Lipton is like my old Mazda (the one that got crunched by the tree): not very good but always reliable, with good mileage. This tea snob said she only drinks one brand and will choose to go without if the brand is not available. I don't even know what it was.

I saw her again at another conference last week and let her know I was still drinking Lipton decaf. It felt good to watch her try to hide her disdain.