Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Dog Champ

Here is the long awaited pic of our dog, Champ. This picture was taken when he was 10 weeks old (at the beginning of June). Although he is a pure bred champion line Springer Spaniel, we got him for a steal (aka free) because he is the runt of his litter and he was strangled by the umbilical chord at birth. Champ (short for Champion - the breeders named him, and it stuck) is the son I never had. :) The girls love him, and he is a great family dog.


Mimi said...

looks great,

those dogs can JUMP - watch out!

bluesugarpoet said...

Yeah, he can jump, but he is very obedient. He responds well to "off" if it even looks like he might jump on someone or something.

Here is something fun: we took him swimming in the creek at my parents' home, and he is a great swimmer!

Ch@ndy said...

SOOOOO cute.