Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And now for something completely different...

I've been taking all of those quizzes, but I just keep getting the same results as all of you have. Here is one I haven't seen yet, though.

You Are Pink!

Tough. Sexy. Tough. Soulful. Tough.
Guys are both attracted and scared of you.
"I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high
Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes"


Gracie said...

I don't know what this means...I don't even know what she sounds like. And wow - does she wear a ton of makeup or what?

You Are Gwen Stefani!

All guys dream about you
And all the girls want to be you
"Sappy pathetic little me
That was the girl I used to be"

bluesugarpoet said...

You know - she was (is) the lead singer of No Doubt.

Gracie said...

That does not help me at all.

pjd said...

An interesting questionnaire, though I'm not sure all the questions had the best answer options for me.

You Are Ani Difranco!

Honest, real, and well liked.
You're not limited by any boundaries.
"And you can call me crazy
But I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall"

PS BSP: Nice photo of the sextet!