Monday, December 12, 2005

I don't have a pithy title for this post

Okay, I am sick again. This time, however, it's a respiratory thing. West Coast SARS or Avian Flu? Let's hope not. But I have work to do, so being the dedicated employee that I am, I am still working while I am at home hacking up loogies. I'm not sure how one should spell loogies - I just know how to hack them up, spit them out, sneeze them out my mouth, or blow them out my nose.

Just in case you were wondering, having the nose piercing has not complicated the common cold as one might expect it to.

Anyway, the purpose for this post is to give everyone some things to chat about at the office today. Here are a few ideas. Talk amongst yourselves:

1. Should Novels and other reading material be banned from airline toilets? Notice: they are not "bathrooms," so there absolutely should not be any bathing in that space. Please, people are waiting in line to get in there!

2. Votes for worst Christmas tunes? I've heard a few ("Christmas Shoes" and the "Jew Girl" one - that's a terrible song, Mimi, one wants to think about Mrs. Clause's penis). Now it's your chance to chime in here.

3. What was your worst Christmas gift ever?

Have fun chatting!


pjd said...

I'll start at #3. I have never received a truly bad Christmas gift, unless you count getting major flu from my brother & sister such that we had to take turns barfing in our house's two bathrooms all Christmas day. Thing is, I can't remember who gave it to whom.

Probably the most inane gift I ever gave was 15 years ago. M had asked for a particular kind of candy in her stocking, and when I went to the candy store I didn't find it. But I found something in sort of the same category. So what did I do? I bought TWO boxes. Brilliant. I got her TWO of something she did not want, specifically because it was not the thing she wanted.

Mimi said...

Oh, the inhumanity! You need to look past the body parts to hear the essential message of that song.

ps. lugie seems more favored, but loogie is also in use. I can find neither in a reasonable dictionary.

Gracie said...

loogey perhaps?

Worst christmas present - I have two that I felt very badly about. Ihe frist was when I was about 7. All my brothers got BB guns. I wanted one so bad and it was clear that there were only three such oddly shaped presents on Christmas morning. I got stuck with a 30 inch tall doll. It totally sucked. I hated dolls. I never played with them. So I felt bad about that one.

Then last year - this guy I was seeing gave me a lovely necklace. I felt bad about it because less than two weeks after Christmas he was history. I've not worn it since, so it seems like such a waste.

Gracie said...

"frist" is another way of saying "first"

Michael Jack said...

I know for a fact that Gracie likes the Christmas Shoes song. There may have been some tears flowing last Thursday when it cam on the radio...but the worst Xmas song is Christmas Eve in Washington. You probably don't hear it out there, but the radio can't play enough of it here. Really bad.

Worst Xmas gift that I ever gave: I once gave movie passes to a girl that I was sort of dating. She actually was nice about it, but I got movie passes the next year from her. When I think about that gift, it is bad but not too terrible. At least it's a gift that allows us to spend time together, right? Sure, we can't talk during a movie, but at least we're spending time together. Right?

Worst gift that I ever received: my older brother once gave me a couple of comic books. He had agreed (and he thought that I had agreed also) to spend only $5 on a gift. I broke that agreement and thoroughly enjoyed him looking like a jackass when he opened my very nice gift.

Gracie said...

Yeah the movie tix thing kinda sucks...but it beats a lump of coal.

supergirl said...

I thought Americans called it 'restroom', not bathroom!

Man I wish I listened to that Jew Girl song!

Selene said...

we use both terms...probably has something to do with what part of the country you are from. i say loo because i don't like either one of those words.

other options:

the john
the head
the crapper
the potty
the little girls' room
the little boys' room
the ladies' room
the mens' room
the lavatory (hardly anyone in the US says this - so I do sometimes)

bluesugarpoet said...

Okay, I finally have a chance to respond to this - lol!

pjd - two boxes of any candy were surely appreciated by M. Besides, the rule of thumb is that if you are going to err at all, go out in flames. Err big, I always say. Two boxes of the wrong kind would definitely fall into that category.

MJ - movie tix are not a bad gift...unless they were specifically to a "Man Movie Matinee." That would be the gift that says, "I am cheap, and I really only want to go to the movies with you if I get to choose the movie."

mimi - the song was funny - it really was. I just thought that Ms. Silverman seemed to be blaming the wrong person. Santa wants to give her a gift, but his Rabbi said it wouldn't be kosher.