Monday, January 23, 2006

Uh, for someone who is supposedly leaving mediocrity in the dust, I sure am not going far.



supergirl said...

Is this mediocrity thing tongue-in-cheek? Cuz I can't tell. I don't consider you mediocre at all!

Gracie said...

The only thing mediocre about this girl is her level of self-esteem.

Mimi said...

BSP - bloody super perfect

bluesugarpoet said...

Well, it's looking at life as it really is, really. I used to never try to do anything where I wouldn't naturally excel (did I ever tell you about my humiliating basketball camp experience?). If I couldn't be the best or earn an award at it, then count me out.

Of course those of us who are older know the cold harsh reality that there is ALWAYS someone cuter, faster, smarter, and who can do "whatever" a whole lot better than we ever imagined we could.

Still, I usually approach things with the attitude, "Oh, I can do that - no problem." But I don't really focus on being the best anymore; I just want to cross the finish line. Now I don't fear flopping as much since I know that I don't know anything and have accepted my squishy self for what it is.