Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yes, the cheesecake scam is indeed brilliant. In order to combat any attempts to build up my ass-flab rather than my muscles, I took the decadent chocolate cheesecake over to my parent’s house. There, we had a picnic, I took the kids for a walk up the creek, and then I ate my slice. It tasted divine. So rich and creamy it was that I had to put a dollop of Coolwhip on top in order to soften the bite of the sweetness.

And I left the darned thing there in their freezer, too. Poetroad – with an almost painful look on his face – implored, “What did you do that for!?”

At that moment I knew for sure that the power of the cheesecake was strong, stronger than I had anticipated.

“If we take the cheesecake home,” I reasoned, “then I will eat it all for sure. This way it’s a good 15 minute drive away from us.”

Hopefully the distance will put a damper on desire.


Gracie said...

It's only 15 minutes to your parents house??

Tell Poetroad not to will try to win another next Friday.

supergirl said...

I'm SOOOOOOOO hungry!!

pjd said...

I saw this on Dave Barry's blog:,,2-2006310593,00.html

So go ahead and eat the cheesecake.

Gracie said...

Speaking of Desire.

I DESIRE so see something new here.

That's what I desire.

pjd said...

gracie has spoken
she'll beat you down if you don't
get on with it, girl