Friday, June 23, 2006

I am a big Winner.

I love the group dynamic of the various exercise classes I am a part of at the local “club.” In particular, because of peer pressure, I tend to work out harder when I exercise with a group of people than if I were to work out on my own. And there is also the added bonus of having a leader that has a work out plan all figured out so that I don’t have to think about what to do next.

Today, I tried out a new cycling class (my regular class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and, wow, talk about some kind of dynamic going on there. As we are biking our buns off, the instructor yells out music trivia questions (who sings this song, what movie was this song in, what year was this song written, etc.). You’ll never guess what I won from guessing a “softball” trivia question (Joe Jackson sang “Steppin' Out” – easy 80s music trivia, people)…I won a chocolate cheesecake. No, seriously. I won a whole chocolate cheesecake.

Apparently, this instructor bakes 5 or 8 of these cheesecakes in a week, and freezes them. On Fridays, people can win a cheesecake in class.

I don’t know about you, but the winning the cheesecake thing is kind of counter-productive to my whole weight loss plan. If I want to drop a few pounds, I don’t think chocolate cheesecake is really an option on my menu.

If I cut out a few meals, however, maybe I can eat a tiny slice…


Gracie said...

Wow! I love and hate your instructor at the same time. It's sheer genius. Nobody can like cycling that much...people will drop out of that class if they get thinner...Or tired or bored with it

BUT...what if they don't get thinner...if they eat...say....a whole cheesecake every week, they will keep coming back. Double motivation: Good Cheesecake that is oh some yummy and equally important is how the Cheesecake turns into COTTAGE CHEESE ON YOUR ASS! You have to come back.


supergirl said...

US Food and Nutrition Board recommends 20-35% of Energy intake daily from fat for all adults. I'm sure you can work that in somewhere! Cheesecake is too good not to!!! I am so jealous, and my mouth is literally watering.