Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Document That

Pardon me for getting political, but I read a letter to the editor yesterday that made me chuckle. The gist of the letter is that Al Gore is, and I cringe to use this word, a hypocrite. Gasp!

Right up front, I have to admit that I have not verified these facts (and perhaps am dangerously close to taking the path that Gore has taken…no, not the failed presidential wanna be path – the “H” path). However, even if the numbers are not exactly on target, it is easy for me to believe that the letter writer is on the right path. Basically, Mr. Gore made a little (Oscar winning) documentary in which he exposes the truth about global warming. And his other face sits comfortably in front of the (natural gas?) fire in his 20 room mansion in Tennessee.

Here’s the thing: I am all for success, and I don’t think it’s a crime that the rich live well. But it takes oodles of electricity and gas to heat and cool (and electrify) a house that large. Regardless of where his theoretical dollars go to pay for the theoretical “carbon credits,” we all know that the energy that his house uses is the same energy that Joe Schmo uses in the house next door to Mr. Gore’s.

It just goes to show that there are hypocrites in every discipline. In fact, I think I’d be hard pressed to inspect any group of “believers” (and I use that in the loosest sense of the word as I can) and not find a hypocrite or two (or a bunch). Whenever a person or a group of people make an effort to define what it is that they believe, stand for, pursue in life (whether it be “Up for Orphans” or the “Vegan Pets” society – or a religion), they run a risk of occasionally not being able to conduct their affairs according to that system of beliefs. Some will have a more difficult time than others adhering to the “guidelines,” too. If a person blatantly, egregiously, and continually lives a life counter to that system of beliefs, then I would question whether or not that person actually believes in what he says he does.

But the fact that any sect is rife with hypocrites doesn’t negate a cause or belief. So what if Al Gore is a hypocrite? I’ll still manically recycle. I can’t “un-born” my children (sorry folks – I guess I’ll have to wear the “breeder” label with pride), but I’ll still live in a smaller house than I could, I’ll still let my house get a little cooler or warmer than I can afford, and I’ll continue to modify my lifestyle in other ways because I believe that humans should do what they can to slow down global warming.

And I’ll still go to church even though I know that there are disciples of Christ (even high profile ones) who are hypocrites. Much to my chagrin, I myself have been guilty of being a hypocrite a time or two. However, I believe in the cause of Christ more - so much so that I’ll do everything I can do to live a life of integrity even though it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll miss the mark again. Now wouldn’t that be a scandalous documentary?!

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