Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ten Things Times Two

Ten Things that have happened over the past two months in no particular order:

10. Pastor of our church resigned (yes – the very church in Austin that we relocated from Oregon for because Poetroad accepted the “Director of Worship and Arts” position here)

9. Brazilian waxed myself

8. Ice storm in Austin

7. Found out that a close friend is pregnant with her third child

6. Got lost six or more times in and around Austin

5. Joined a church

4. Was in charge of the “ambiance” for the Women’s Retreat (that means I planned and executed the décor from the “stage” to the retreat booklets)

3. Tutored a friend to help her pass an important test

2. Two year old began potty training; lots of potty on the floor, little training

1. 5th Grade Science Fair

Ten things I’m looking forward to in the next few months:

10. Spring break

  1. Visit from parents
  1. Visit from friends from Oregon
  1. Summer break
  1. Meeting new friends
  1. Bird sightings
  1. Spring storms
  1. Getting in shape
  1. Going to the beach

1. Going to the beach!

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