Sunday, December 02, 2007

More finger news

Great news - I talked with Saul today, and Tia did really well when they re-attached her finger. They will find out tomorrow when they visit a hand surgeon whether or not the reattached finger will survive. Luckily, she only lost the tip (right below the fingernail) of her middle finger (not sure if it was the right or left hand).

Saul (being a top chef for a prominent frozen food company; his dishes are delicious - not at all like the typical frozen food fare) confessed that he is used to finding random fingers in the workplace - ah, that's the food industry for you. But he said he was falling to pieces when he saw the finger chopped off of his cute little daughter's hand.

Get this - the culprit was none other than...a toy box. So scary! When they returned from the hospital last night, Tia told her dad, "Get rid of that toy box right now, Daddy! Smash it to pieces!" Which he promptly did with an ax in the back yard as she cheered him on. He is a great dad!


Ch@ndy said...

please tell me...i must know...what frozen food company has random lobbed off fingers floating around the place??

oh yeah, and...


and one more thing...when that little girl grows up with a crazy jacked middle could be a great deterrent for flipping that bird.

i don't know about you but my index and ring fingers end just at the nail of my middle finger....

who's the horrible person now?

bsp - you should feel a lot better...and maybe someone should delete this comment...

Anthony said...

I didn't want to mention this while you were still really upset, but my sister only has 9 fingers and she had a job for years as a typist. Honest.

who's the horrible person now?

bluesugarpoet said...

Oh, you two are good friends. I'm not deleting any comments; you've committed to join my camp, so your comments are staying, lol!

The random fingers aren't really floating - they are more just laying on the floor (so I hear).

There are lots of things people can do without all 10 digits. Heck, I took driver's ed with a guy who had one regular sized arm and one short stumpy arm. He could drive waaaaay better than I ever could. I saw a show about a girl who was born without arms and could drive, apply make-up, dress, eat, etc. with her feet. So, yeah, loosing one little bit of a finger isn't as debilitating as one would think it would be.

Anthony said...

the rest of us do make fun of my sister a lot, but that's because she's four foot eleven.

thinking about this, the thing is you were feeling the servitude to your family in tension with your obligation to God, at that moment. The fact that there was tension suggests that you are a good person, because goodness, as defined, is obeying God, and you took the time to decide what obeying God meant, just then.

Look around where Christ said "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.." Sometimes your family doesn't come first, and you know that, and you *think* about when.

You're a winner!

Ch@ndy said...

yes! you are a winner.

and anthony's wee sister is one too! i have broken each bird finger once and found typing to be somewhat of a challenge.

i was able to learn first hand what it means to be hand-i-capped.