Thursday, December 27, 2007

Guns don't kill people

People kill people. And, occasionally, tigers do too. "The San Francisco Zoo is a great zoo." It probably is. But I kind of think you have to say that. You are the freaking president of zoos. Have I ever mentioned that I do not like going to the zoo? And here is yet another reason why.

I also do not ever want to visit a chimp sanctuary for my birthday. Or for a chimp's birthday. Or for any other reason.

C'mon. You know I had to go there. I can't talk about a tiger maulling and not bring up St. James.


pjd said...

I am guessing that our cub scout pack will not do the SF Zoo overnighter this year.

Chimp sanctuaries are definitely out. And there's something very oxymoronic about the phrase "chimp sanctuary."

Ch@ndy said...

i don't think i can actually go more than 90 days without mentioning st. james. he's become part of my "bit". sad but true. you can't bring up chimps with out me pointing out the dangers of those beasts.