Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yes. And Yes.

I will see Ch@ndy soon.

I will see Anthony soon.

Rock Star Wing and company will crash at our house soon too (oh, if we could get Christy here too...hmmmmm).

I will run my first marathon this weekend.

I teach two sections of "honors" English.

Oh, yes. All good. Very good.

And on an even more positive note, I came home to a clean house today. This is not normal, and it is the kind of unexpected fantabulous "not-normal" surprise that I would like to walk - nay, run - into every day.


Dalene said...


I'll be checking the results of your race. I hope it is an amazing experience, and that you reach your goals.

What an accomplishment!

bluesugarpoet said...

Thanks, friend. With the way my ham string feels, I'll be happy if I finish in under 6 hours. So my plan is to set the bar very, very low on this first marathon. :)

Dalene said...


You're a BEAST!!!

I'm quite sure I won't be living up to that one this weekend!!!

Great job.