Friday, February 13, 2009

Phew. Made it through another week....

and only once did I hear, "This class is boring...because..." (cue drum roll...) "We are always doing stuff in here."

Hmm. What the heck are you doing in all of your other classes!?

You know you are a successful teacher when you've been accused of "doing stuff" in your class.


Karen said...

Isn't it strange that their definition of boring refers to being active? I wonder how they'd describe doing nothing?

I also wonder what they are doing in those other classes!

Anonymous said...

OMG. Seriously. How dare you???? Enjoy your weekend - and happy heart's day!

Jane D. said...

My five year old niece told me the other day, while I was babysitting her, that she was bored. And I shot back with, "Who's problem is your boredom?"

I know she has been well trained, because she replied, "Mine."

I asked, "Who is responsible for fixing your boredom?"

And then without doing a thing or moving even an inch off the couch, she said, "I am." (followed by a pause) Then, "I'm not bored anymore."

pjd said...

This is a writing class, right? You've done a phenomenal job of getting them to be descriptive and use specific details.

verification word: restin
Used in a sentence: "I get to restin class cuz that stoopid teacher is always makin' us do stuff."

Enjoy your time tomorrow with my wife and child. I really don't mind that they won't be visiting me in San Francisco. Really. No, really, it's OK. Don't worry about it. Have fun.

bluesugarpoet said...

pjd - i never thought of it that way - i really did teach that student to use supporting details to support his argument. Maybe the teaching, and re-teaching, and re-re-teaching about how to write a persuasive essay finally stuck.

about that visit...i wish i could say i felt bad about that, but see, i just don't (yay! i get to visit with your wife!!!!) :)

jane - that niece of yours is a corker for sure!

aerin - right back at you - hope you had a great valentines day. :)

karen - that is exactly what i thought! how could being active be boring? i don't get it. it's just not the right kind of "active" i guess. :)

Jane D. said...

Corker: Great one!