Sunday, May 31, 2009


fiery intangible images swirling,
only nothing is on fire, nothing burns.
rewind. repeat. the hope for a different
outcome is complicated by new variables.

if the problem is the place, avoiding
should be the answer. only it turns
out the place has no significance,
and providence turns the tables.

it's like the man who after rolling
his car three times, survives, crawls
onto the tracks, meets a train, is sent
into oblivion without a word. Unbelievable?

perhaps the solution is in running
straight for the flames. avoidance? Spurn
it. fight the urge to flee. look askance
at escape. run into the eye of the inevitable.


Karen said...

I've always been told the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Avoidance is my mode of defense, but sometimes, as you say, the best thing to do is turn and fight!

This is a most interesting poem. I can't help but wonder about your inspiration, but you can keep your secret.

The picture is a great complement to the poem.

(Oh, and the "Read More" link isn't working for me.)

bluesugarpoet said...

Thanks karen. :)

The inspiration isn't really a secret for this one. It's about this bizarre reoccurring dream that I've had. The short story is that a guy witnesses a murder, he and another witness are nabbed by the murderers, and they spend the rest of the dream trying to get away. Most recently, one of the main characters in the dream knew what was going to happen, and he tried to avoid the inevitable, but no matter what he did, he found himself in the very circumstances that he tried to avoid.

pjd said...

Oh, I thought that you had begun learning javascript.

That would certainly drive you to madness. In part because--in the echo of Karen's comment--javascript is madness: You can do the exact same thing twice and get different results.

The last sentence encapsulates the whole thing, though, doesn't it? Is the "inevitable" truly inevitable?

bluesugarpoet said...

pjd - i actually stole that title from javascript! hahaha! you know, i love how words and phrases have multiple meanings, and that phrase has meaning on many levels (especially if you work with js - which i know little to nothing about except that it frustrates me...).

Karen said...

As a lover of the mystery genre, I recommend writing this one down to keep. It sounds as if it could become a great plot for a novel.

Aniket said...

I second Karen. Your inspiration would be such a great fiction... just like this post. It kind of relates to the time stream theory. One can probably bend the reality a bit,probably change the course one takes to reach there, but one cannot change the end outcome. But of course, the thrill is in trying. :D

Catvibe said...

This is incredibly thought provoking, your poem. And like Aniket said, it's almost like the opening sequence to a movie. The nebula image is stunning, and works really well with the poem. Is there a solution, or do we just grow beyond in serendipity?

bluesugarpoet said...

good idea, all - i will keep that idea in my pocket and work on it when i can. Good thing summer is around the corner!

@aniket - i had forgotten about that theory...i like the possibilities it can bring into my story...

@cat - i knew you would like that picture when i saw it. :) glad you liked the piece too.

JR's Thumbprints said...

It's like the whale theory: Why does a whale have a small throat? Its just the way it is. There are no real answer, only truths experienced in the eye of nothing.