Monday, August 10, 2009

The summer fun is over!

Took the older daughters and friends to a Jonas Brothers concert.

Saw a terrific production of "Into the Woods."

Found myself yelling at my kids, "Oh, for Pete's sake!" Then I wondered, "Why is it always for Pete's sake?" You are popular guy - hahaha.

Cleaned out my garage. Made fifty bucks because people thought I was having a garage sale. Nothing more wonderful than having a stranger pull out something from your trash and asking, "What do you want for this?"

Then today I went back to work. I gave homework to all of my students. The fun never ends!

I miss all of you all! I'll be dropping by your blogs this week to say hey!


Aniket said...

You gave HOMEWORK to your students. Friendship over. Friendship OVER!!!

How could you do such a cruel thing?

PS: LOLed on Pete's sake! I double checked on Wiki that its Saint Peter and not PJD. :D

Karen said...

We don't start back until August 25, but I've been doing professional development all summer. By August 24, I will have conducted 42 separate sessions for 450 elementary school teachers. Believe me, I'm pooped, and school hasn't even started yet!

I hope you have a wonderful school year. I'm glad you still have your job - the last time you posted, you were still unsure.

You won't believe this word verification: thysumr

JR's Thumbprints said...

...and to think my wife had a garage sale and only made forty bucks!

pjd said...

Oh! Hey!

I am trying to migrate from netvibes to google reader since netvibes was stricken from the white list by the Firewall Gods at work. For Pete's sake. Good grief.

Anyway, sorry we never managed to actually invite you down during the summer. Maria actually was busy every day of every weekend this month, and we just couldn't get ourselves together in July.

Karen said...

Today's the day - back to school! I always feel like the new year begins on this day.