Friday, September 04, 2009


Watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon.

When my students don't know what to write, I tell them to write a paragraph of "watermelon."

Not sure why I picked that word - except that I was once told that if I am singing in a choir and forget the words, then I should mouth "watermelon" to cover it up.

Four weeks ago I had a garage sale. Actually, I didn't plan to have a garage sale. I was simply cleaning out my garage. But I was sorting through so much junk in the driveway that people *thought* I was having a garage sale. So I let people rifle through my stuff - even my garbage pile - and I took their money. And I made 50 bucks.

Four weeks ago, school started. I'm back teaching in my old room at my old school. I hate to say anything because I don't want to jinx myself, but classes are going well. Could it be that some of the new classroom management techniques I've employed this year are really working?! Nah. Truth is that God was watching out for me when the schedules were made because I didn't get any of the trouble makers. Although I do have 26 boys and only 6 girls in my first period class... Somehow it works regardless. In fact, only one third of my 162 students are girls. Crazy. Mostly I'm thankful that I don't have the students that are in the room next door. She's had to have security escort students to the office almost every day since school started.

Last week, I ran a 5K. Poetroad beat me by a minute. Iron Girl beat me by 20 seconds. Still, Iron girl and I placed 5th and 6th respectively in our age group. Obviously I have some training to do so that I soundly leave Iron Girl in the dust in our next race. Definitely we will have to sign up for another 5k. She hates running the 5K. I need *something* to work in my favor. Perhaps I should stop eating chocolate too.

Last week, a girl that was kidnapped over 18 years ago was found alive in Antioch. Ironically, her story is freakishly similar to the premise of the story I wrote, but never published, for the last Clarity contest. At the time, I was thinking that the plot was too implausible. Now I know that it's not. Scary.


Karen said...

I'm so happy to hear how well things are going for you at school. You deserve a good year! Sometimes I miss teaching high school. My last few years there, I taught all of the AP English language and comp classes, which meant that I really had the smartest kids in the school. What a challenge! I loved the intellectual stimulation of those days.

Then I went into administration. What was I thinking?

Back to you...I would imagine that both your classroom management strategies and the class composition are responsible for your good year.

I admire your determination in running. What a great stress reliever! Keep going, girl!

Aniket said...

You are not alone. Watermelon seems to be teacher's favourite. Check this out:

Poor poor Aerin! :D :D

Your story coming true further validates the 13th dimension theory my friends and I were discussing. Its an extension to the string theory. That we get glimpses and deja vu feeling from alternate universe and sometimes there's a cross-over. May be you peeked through a momentory spur in the space-time continuum!

PS: We had Teacher's day in India a couple of days back. So Happy Teacher's day to you!

Dalene said...

I've been thinking about running a 5K or two. I think it would help me build some "sweet speed." I'm pretty much a turtle runner.

I've never thought about "watermelon" as a prompt, but I'll try that. My favorite prompt is written on the board during "Dead Silent Reading" days:

"For those students not interested in reading during this hour, you will submit a two page hand written essay using the following prompt:

'I don't use my time in class wisely, because. . . '

Please have your parent grade your essay before you turn it in tomorrow."

"Dead Silent Reading" days are my favorite days.

Gloria said...

Just love this post! Keep mouthing the words 'Watermelon'. I know this is something I'm gonna employ a lot in the future!

Ran 5k and still here to tell the tale . . inspiring . . don't think I'm ready for that yet tho'.

Really, I could do the same thing with all the things I have in the loft that 'I might need some day'. A sale sounds just about right.

Loved every word of this post, in fact I'm hooked and need to sign up to follow you to see what else you're gonna share!

Please pop over into Gloria's Spanish View . . maybe you'll like my blog too?

Will be back!

Have a blessed Sunday . .