Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Art of Being Brief

I have a long-term goal of learning to express myself succinctly and briefly. Oh, I can be succinct, but I have trouble being brief. Typically, I ramble on and on, raging on this tangent and that, before I finally finish my point - but I digress. That's why I am not a poet. You see, a great poet has refined the "Art of Brevity." My plan is to start out as a blogger (getting better), turn into a novelist (I'm not doing so swell with that yet), and then eventually whittle my verbiage into poetry (not even close).


Mimi said...

Dante; TS Elliot: were they terse?
seems to me they went on in verse
longer and longer into several books
did people give them dirty looks?

you write your way,
I'll write mine
either way
will do right fine.

Mimi said...
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Ch@ndy said...

here is an idea from bonita tia,
let's tap some verse as we see fit,
share the rhyme that comes to mind,
imparting our bit of humor and wit.

if you've no doggerel to dole
forgiveness forthcoming for your soul.
inspiration here, cry not in thy beer,
for poetry leaves the heart full.