Thursday, April 07, 2005

They called again!!!

This is hardly believable, but I just had this conversation with someone from “Fidelity such and Such Financial Services.”

“Hello, Mrs. So and So. I’m Noardi from ‘Fidelity yadda yadda.’”

‘No way!” I thought to myself. ‘This guy couldn’t actually have the nerve to call back after I put him through the ringer yesterday!’ So cautiously I asked, “Didn’t I just talk to you yesterday?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“No, I talked to someone from ‘Fidelity yadda yadda’ just yesterday.”


“Yes, and it was a very funny conversation too.”

“Well, yes, this is a fun bunch to work with. These guys are pretty funny,” he laughed.

“He was quite a salesman too. He tried to sell me a mortgage and a credit card and a vacation plan…”

“Oh, that must have been Alex. I keep telling Alex, ‘Nobody wants to hear about your vacation plans.” But he just keeps on trying to sell them anyway,” he laughed.

“Well tell him I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. It made me laugh!”

“Yes, I’ll tell him!”

“And sorry, but I don’t need a new mortgage rate or a new credit card or a vacation plan. But I’m sure I’ll talk to you later!”


Ch@ndy said...

Do you think Alex wanted to share the Bluesugarpoet experience with his co-workers and logged you as a "no answer"??

Mimi said...

pretty funny

bluesugarpoet said...

I don't know, but something tells me I might get a call tomorrow! And you know what, I think I want to talk to them too. I'm always up for a good laugh! I wonder if they blogg....