Friday, October 14, 2005

New technology?

A new product is soon to hit the stores, and, guys, it is a must have…assuming you are into those techno gadgets. It’s the new and improved i-pod that…no lie…has video capabilities. Here’s how the conversation went when Poetroad and I discussed the possibility that he would throw down a chunk of change for this gadget:

It has something like a two-inch screen? Are you really telling me that you would watch a video on a two-inch screen?

Yes. It plays video.

I know it plays video, but you have a laptop with a 17-inch monitor. You can watch videos on that.

It plays video.

What can you watch on an i-pod that you can’t watch on your computer?

Well you know what a lot of guys will be watching on it…

What, porn? Like at work? Portable porn?

I’m just saying…it’s a cool gadget. Guys like gadgets.

Great. Introducing the new “porn-pod.”


Mimi said...

I think people are starting to watch movies now on their cell phones - that's rediculous!

pjd said...

Seems like there could be a big potential for aftermarket attachments for the porn-pod.

who wants to watch video on a 2-inch screen? Unless maybe it's guys who feel somewhat inadequate watching porn on a regular screen, so the smaller the screen the less inadequate they feel.

Anyway, video on cell phones seems ridiculous to me. Except for the occasional video phone call. I could dig that when I'm on a business trip and I want to see the kids, or show them a cool sight I get to see (like the Alamo, but unfortunately they don't allow cameras at the Alamo anyway).

bluesugarpoet said...

Brilliant, pjd! Think of the attachments people would mind is spinning... And you know they would buy as long as it "enhanced" the experience.

Tiny porn; now there is an explanation. It's for the guy who feels self-conscience about his size. Of course all of the other attractive parts of the opposite gender would be tiny too.

Gracie said...

Your fans are looking for new material.