Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"This is what it sounds like when the doves cry..."

Actually, they were homing pigeons, but I don't know any catchy lyrics with the words "homing pigeons" in it. Funny thing about the birds; as the ceremony was nearing the end, those little buggers were getting restless in their basket. The cooing almost drown out the ceremony from where I stood. But the birds bursting from the basket and circling in the sky looked really cool when the couple was introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time.


supergirl said...

Neat, there are also pumpkins!!

supergirl said...

If you're wearing a fur trimmed coat below, those bridesmaids must be freezing!

Selene said...

It was cold. The pumpkins were my idea - had to keep the aisle runner from blowing away. Which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't made certain there was an aisle runner in the first place!

Thank God the rain didn't start until after the ceremony and everyone was inside. : )

bluesugarpoet said...

Yes, I am in the fax fur (in the NW, there is no other fur to wear - unless you like being spray painted by strangers); yes, it was a tad cold. I thought the same thing about the bride and bridesmaids as they were walking down the...street? Walking down the driveway? Whatever it was, they were there looking cold and I was thinking the same thing.

But we are all from the NW, and I know my kids have been known to hang out at the beach and even splash a bit in the Pacific in 56 degree F weather (Yes, practically the rest of the world uses Celsius, but don't even ask me to convert it. Make your own guesstimate). So I'm sure these gals felt right at home.

The pumpkins were a great touch - and the pumpkin soup with the dinner was fantastic! I also loved the bouquets the wedding girls held. Was the your idea too, Selene? I meant to ask you that.

Selene said...

the flowers were not my idea - the bride hired the best florist in town and told him - these are my colors - surprise me. she spent loads of money and had no idea what she was getting until 24 hours before the wedding.

i did orchestrate the creation of 19 different centerpieces...i didn't do them by myself but i did have my hand on every single one.

funny little sister i acquired...she didn't spend one minute thinking about where people would stand, the order of the ceremony or reception, what food was served or what music was played but she absolutely didn't want two centerpieces to be the same.

bluesugarpoet said...

I guess that says, "Art, above all, must be considered prior to organization."