Friday, January 19, 2007

Learning A New Lingidy

Well, maybe it isn't quite a new "lingidy" that I'm learning, but rather it's that I'm learning a new way to pronounce words. Here are a list of local town names, the assumed pronunciation, and the Austin correct pronunciation:

Burnett: Bur-net : Burn-it

Buda: Boo-duh : Bud-duh CORRECTION (I was corrected on this today; it's not "Bud-duh" - it's "Byoo-dua")

Elgin: El-jin: El-gen

Llano: Yah-no: Lan-o

NEW: Manchaca: Man-chaw-kuh : Man-shak (Apparently, they just cut the chase and abbreviate here. I can just imagine how that happened. Some ol' cowboy was trying to pronounce the name...", shoot! Dadburnet! Let's just say it Man-shak.")

San Marcos: Sahn Mahr-kohs: Sahn Mahr-cus

Basically, I'm afraid to ask for directions to go anywhere from a local for fear that I might end up somewhere I didn't intend to go. Although Poetroad and I have figured out that if it's a Spanish word, if we butcher it, then we'll get close to the local pronunciation.

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Gracie said...

How about you give your friends your new phone number? A girl could get complex when something like this happens...