Sunday, January 06, 2008

If you were waiting for me to say something profound...

Is it January 7? Glad I didn't resolve to blog every day this year; that goal is already in the crapper.

Quick Notes:

Yes, Texans are required to go to a football game for X-mas. That made me chuckle, Peter! Actually, the high school team for our district went to state playoffs, and the black shirt/Santa hat was the requested attire. Our team won! (p.s. The new profile pic was also taken at that game. Did I mention it was very cold and windy that day?)

No, I didn't get arrested when I went into the precinct to take care of my speeding ticket. Even though I missed my court date. And the ten day grace period after that. I think the lady at the window felt sorry for me. Because I am a complete idiot. Note to self: do not put important papers in special places so that the papers will not be lost or stolen. Second note to self: the ticket you lost is probably with your Social Security card - which you haven't actually seen for seven or eight years because you put that in a really safe place too.

Poetroad has been away at school. He returns on Wednesday. Thank God - then I can get back to my regular blogging of nonsense and the like, starting with my 2008 resolutions. Which I will probably get around to writing in April, right after I send out my 2007 Christmas cards.


pjd said...

I recommend waiting until December to send out your 2007 Christmas cards. That way, no one will realize they're late.

bluesugarpoet said...

I worked with a gal that sent her Christmas cards in July. She said that those who knew her well knew that the cards were six months late. Those who didn't know her thought that the cards were weirdly early.