Friday, January 09, 2009

Apparently, I there is more room for crazy here...

You are right. I don't need to commit to one more thing in my life. (Did I mention that I am currently training with my good friend and trail running partner Telle to run a 50K in March?) That being said, I have been avoiding this commitment - the commitment of "writing to be read" - for quite awhile... No time like the present, eh? Here is the challenge:
Aerin at In Search of Giants is hosting a writer’s challenge to foster inspiration and community. It's pretty low-pressure: 1000 words a month. At the end of the year, you'll have a total of 12,000 words, which is not even half a NaNo entry. Go here to sign up!

BONUS: If you sign up for this challenge by January 14, your entry to the Ascension Clarity of Night contest counts as all 1000 of your words for January!

Thanks, Aerin, for laying down the challenge! Now go sign up, people.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the writing challenge! Be sure to check out for our updates page!

(And...I should join your training for a marathon - honestly, I'd be lucky to do a 5K - but balancing physical & mental would be good for me...)

pjd said...

You, too? Cool.

Are you using the easy out of the 250 words for the CoN entry as "write 250, get 750 free"? I'm going to try to write something next week when I'm in Atlanta. Are you still doing the haiku thing with your students?