Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick and tired

This week, I had the pleasure of contracting the flu. Up until a few hours ago, I was thinking that, perhaps, death might be the merciful option. Being run over by a truck might have felt more pleasurable.

My toe muscles hurt. The backs of my eyeballs hurt. My teeth hurt. Anything on my body that could possibly feel pain *hurt*. And the sweat. A 500 lb fry cook manning the grill during the dinner rush at the local Grease Shack Trucker Grill might sweat more, but barely. I changed my clothes three times today.

Fortunately, the fever has ended! And as long as I keep my talking to the minimum, the extreme coughing fits are bearable.

I might even attempt to go to work tomorrow.


Arjun said...

Gr8.. Get well soon.... :) :)


Lily said...

Uhhhhh...yeah...I think I am going to postpone our trip to Prettytown, California for a couple weeks.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Get well soon! :-D And take rest... Look at the brighter side... You have attained the right to not to go to work... You can't talk much but you can write (that'll make us happier for sure) :-D And you also get the right to be a lazy bum and watch TV all day! Considering that you are running 50k i guess u are not as lazy as I am... but the couch deserves its love and affection once in a while! :-D :-D

bluesugarpoet said...

Thanks for the well wishes, guys! I am certainly feeling much better. But I do like your idea, Aniket, of taking advantage of the down time to write (and to watch t.v.)... :)

Lily. So sad that you have to postpone your visit, but - trust me on this one - you'll be glad you did. Poetroad said that he's never seen me so sick. He was a bit frightened.

laughingwolf said...

i feel for you... get well, quickslike

i got my first flu shot last october, so far so good... though my son has been ill a few times already

pjd said...

Missed out on Lily reunion this time, but looking forward to the rain date. Very glad the fever has broken and you are on the mend. Flu is not fabulous.

Dalene said...

Hope you're back on your feet!

Catvibe said...

Thanks for your comment on my piece at Clarity! I hope you feel better very soon. I wish you much luck in mothering your teen! ;-) You'll probably get a few wrinkles in the process.

Geraldine said...

I got a cold this past week after 4 YEARS of being healthy and illness free. What a bummer. I hear ya!!! Get well soon.

Scott Ennis said...

Even in the midst of painful sickness the writer shines through. Who else would describe the painful toe muscles!
I just wanted to thank you for comments on my sonnet in the Clarity contest. I kind of felt like the odd-man out, being only one of two poems entered in the contest.
I'm also a runner and a triathlete. Which 50k are you training for?

Ÿ∂ Μ Î ŋÎ said...

Get well soon :) Try bunking work tomorrow.. even if you are doing fine. I am sure it wud be fun. :)

BTW, your blog's amazing... :) :)

bluesugarpoet said...

laughingwolf - thanks! Hope that flu shot works! My husband got one too, but he is a little worried still...

pjd - The flu - how bourgeois. Can't wait until we can all get together again!

dalene - thanks! ;)

Cat - thanks for stopping by and commenting! ;) Great thing is that if I don't do so well with the oldest, I still have three more tries to perfect it, lol. All girls. Oh I am afraid. Very afraid.

Geraldine - thanks for stopping by and commenting! ;) Thanks for the well wishes - hope you are feeling better too.

Scott - thanks for stopping by and commenting! ;) I loved your poem! Plus, it's always good to shake up the "norm." Glad you entered it. :) I am currently training for "Run to Cool." I will be a novice among experts. My goal is to *not* shame myself.

Yamini - thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! ;) Lucky for me, today is a holiday, and I am indeed resting. :) Thanks for your complements - your blog is gorgeous!