Friday, January 30, 2009

"Ginger Ale reminds me of my days in the Boy Scouts."

Really? How?

"Well, we had our pack meetings at the American Legion Hall. We had to walk through the bar to get to the meeting room. They always had cases and cases of Ginger Ale there. We took some every time."

You stole Ginger Ale from the bar?!

"Yeah, we were the renegades."

Renegades? Funny how things haven't changed much.


Karen said...

A whole pack of renegades! Funny, isn't it, too, how one thing will hold a certain association forever? Take chico sticks, for example. (Do you even know what they are?) For me, they mean 1968 - swimming pool - yellow bikini - youth, ah youth! So...ginger ale, Boy Scouts, renegades. While he may not have changed, that yellow bikini just won't quite fit me anymore!

bluesugarpoet said...

hilarious, karen! As a matter of fact, chico sticks mean a dollar in my pocket, a bike ride to the Plaid Pantry, and a bag full of candy in the summer of 1982. Good times...

Jane D. said...

Ahhh...the Plaid Pantry and 1982 that also, reminds me of the phrase, "Good for me, I drink Hi-C" and your back handspring in my front yard.