Saturday, January 26, 2008


The father of JG's friend, "Sarah," volunteers quite a bit in their kindergarten class. Sarah's daddy teaches them Spanish words and phrases for their weekly Spanish lessons. On occasion, he also does cheesy magic tricks - the kind kindergarteners love (finds pennies in kids ears, does miscellaneous card tricks, etc.). But one magic trick in particular really wowed the class.

I remember JG was giddy with excitement when she came home from school that day.

"Mom! You shoula saw the magic trick Sarah's daddy did today!"

"Oh, Sarah's daddy does magic tricks?"

"Yes! Today after Spanish class, he had Sarah go up front because he could only do this trick with Sarah and not anyone else."

"What trick did he do?"

"Well, he had a long bunch of scarves all tied together...a long lot of them! Oh man! It was so funny!"

JG was beside herself and practically rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter.

"C'mon. Spit it out, already! What did he do with the scarves? Pull them out of his sleeve? Eat them?"

"No, no, no! He had Sarah go up there and he put that long lot of scarves all tied together down her shirt! And when he pulled them out...and when he pulled them out..." She could hardly spit out the words.

"Finish the story! Did he pull a rabbit out of her shirt?!"

"No! He pulled out a black bra?"

"What?! Do you mean he pulled out a black scarf?"

"No! A black bra! It was so funny!!!"

"Like Sarah's mom's black bra?"

"Yeah - it was black and it had really big boobs!"

"Really? Uh, where was your teacher when all this was going on?"

"I don't know. I think she was there."

So there you have it. A dad is pulling a big boobed black bra out of his daughter's shirt in order to entertain the kindergarten class. It's boy's-club humor in the classroom. Totally inappropriate on many levels. Or, possibly I was the only parent who thought it a tasteless magic trick to be performing for the kids. Sheesh - a person would have to swallow a few martinis first in order to really appreciate the bawdiness of that joke.

But I doubt anyone will say anything because this guy's wife is in a pretty advanced stage of MS. I think he spends all of his time caring for his wife and volunteering at the school.

God forbid I should deny him from sharing his magic tricks with the kids.


pjd said...

Huh. Does not seem very appropriate, though apparently the kids thought it was hilarious.

I wonder what he would have thought if a different dad had stuffed a bunch of scarves down his son's pants and then pulled out a pair of boxers. He probably would not have thought it very appropriate to show to his kindergarten daughter.

Ch@ndy said...

or a jock strap...which is more like a bra (support undergarment)...

i can hear the JG laughing now..."he stuffed the whole long lot of scarves down Joey's pants and then pulled it out and on the end was a jock strap with a big penis"

Maria said...

What I'm wondering is how JG didn't feel the big boobed bra in her tiny little cute kindergarten shirt :-)

Maria said...

Ok, sorry, slow on the uptake. For one thing it wasn't JG with the bra in her shirt, and I guess the whole thing was actually planned. My innocent little (focus on little) brain was thinking the bra had some static cling after the laundry was done and didn't get separated.

bluesugarpoet said...

lol maria! The bra belonged to the magician - or the magician's wife - or someone the magician knows that has a big black bra.

nice "jock strap" idea. Something tells me, however, that this dad wouldn't know inappropriate if it hit him in the face.

pjd said...

Are you suggesting that someone should hit him in the face with a jock strap?

Ch@ndy said...

I will! I will! But it will be a small one because that is all we have at our house.