Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After the frenzy of making lunches for your three school aged children in the morning, do not mistake that blob of cream on the side of your ring finger for cream cheese. It quite possibly - and most likely is - a blob of creamy vanilla scented soap - the "Bath and Stuff" moisturizing kind that sits next to the kitchen faucet. You may not have rinsed off all of the soap after washing your hands in between making those lunches and doling out breakfast this morning. So don't lick off the blob in your haste. It won't taste anything like what you expected. Unless you expected to taste soap - a very wonderful smelling but awful tasting soap.

But should you do so, be sure to have a strong cup of coffee on stand-by. It will help wash the soap down.

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pjd said...

Oh you poor thing. I don't like to laugh at other people's sorrows, but... ha ha hee hee hee. I guess with two boys I have created the habit of studying everything and questioning it before I put it in my mouth. You never really know what that butter knife may have been used for.