Thursday, January 17, 2008


For once, I'm not running away from anything, ha ha. Moving two thousand miles from where I once lived is far enough, I suppose.

Anyway, I enjoy exercising, and lately I've taken to running (again). Which is funny, because I am not a particular fast runner. Currently, I run at a 9 min. mile pace. Also, I have a short and squaty build. My oldest brother inherited all of the leanness and lankiness - the quintessential "runner" look (he has always excelled in distance running too - even when he had a pack-a-day habit).

So I am training for a 5k even though I don't have any plans to race in one. However, should I get the nerve up to run a race, there are plenty to choose from around here. Needless to say, I'm starting off with with a low mile week, which translates into running 15 miles. Training programs for a 5k start a person off with 20 miles per week. Ah, well, I've got to start somewhere.

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