Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let them eat cake.

I didn't want to look, but I couldn't help looking - help *staring* - as I drove by the twisted, gnarly wreckage.

This is how I felt, anyway, as I was flipping channels last night before I went to bed. The teaser - a cute boy saying to another cute boy, "I won't deny that I have feelings for you." "Yeah, but I'm married." WHAT? Wasn't this supposed to be a show about models vying for the "kahuna" of all models spot?

So it was! And not only was this a show about models modeling, it was a show about how models practice to BE models. It was Zoolander, only it was REAL.


Guys strutted back and forth in their room working on their "walk." Girls and guys were chastised for not having the right walk. And, I swear, I think I saw one guy flash "Blue Steel" on the catwalk.

At one point, a model was upset because he "lost his walk." Whoa. Baffling. How does one "loose" a walk? Another girl was taken to task because she "gained inches." (Of course there was the token shot of her eating cake instead of dinner one night.) When the other models were asked about "Kadie's" lack of progress, one boy was quick to suggest that although Kadie thinks she is working hard, she actually is not following through with the model regiment. "One time, I saw her eat bread after a workout."

Oh my Lord. Not *bread*.

I've decided, after watching part of this show, that it is very difficult to be a supermodel. Not only should one know when to eat bread (which is probably *never* if you plan to be a supermodel), one must also know how to walk in different ways (though all walks must look eerily similar) for different types of fashion. And, most importantly, one should *care*.

I'd like to get on my soapbox here and rage on against the shallowness of it all (and how shows like this do nothing to promote health over beauty), but it is Valentines Day. Instead, let me say that you are loved - even if you eat bread and don't know how to walk to save yourself from elimination.


pjd said...

Bread right after a workout is important to restore the carbs you burn during the workout. A few hours later is the right time for protein, when your muscles are repairing.

Fashion kooks are... well, kooky.

Maria said...

In case my superpoke never made it back to you, Happy Valentine's day to you too!!