Sunday, February 24, 2008


"All my troubles seemed so far away..."

Actually, on Saturday I spent most of the day testing (7 hours? - it could have been more). As in "fill in the bubble and write this essay" type of testing. Look out, Texas. They just might license me to teach here too.

It could have been worse...I could have been getting a root canal.

Wait a minute...

In hindsight, last week wasn't a very good week for me.


pjd said...

But... if your kindergartener is late to school one more time, would that make you a party to truancy? Will they license a party to truancy to teach in the state? That would be ironic. I wonder how many teachers in the state have something like that on their record.

bluesugarpoet said...

BOL - that is a good question! The funny thing is she was late last Friday. Did I tell you that I already received and "official" looking note from the school before this last tardy? If a stranger knocks on my door, I'm not answering.

Anthony said...

at my kids' school, the newsletter once had an informative article entitled: "The trouble with lateness."