Monday, August 22, 2005

It happened again

I attract Cowboys like a hot dog attracts hornets. It’s a strange phenomenon, really. Most of all, it’s strange because I am just an average looking gal. I’m certainly not ugly, but I’m no movie star. Also, I do not have a Cowgirl butt. You know the kind – long and flat. Looks good in pocketless Rocky Mountain Jeans. Mine is more of a J-Lo butt…on the big and round side. Most importantly, I don’t have the Country Girl big hair that I think is pretty much a requirement to be a Country Girl. Decades pass, and those Country Girls still strut the same over-processed, big banged, poofy doos year after year after year. My hair is straight and flat.

So last Saturday, with hair hastily fastened in a ponytail, I took all for kids to a birthday party for their friend. It was a Cowboy themed party – barbeque, pony ride, hayride and such. The dude leading the pony looked to be about nineteen. He was a handsome boy – all tan from working long days on the ranch, tall, muscular, handsome face. He did have one flaw – bad teeth. The falling out, cavity filled kind.

Anyway, he flashed a big smile at me from a distance as my girls were running to get in line for a ride. I wondered at first if I knew this kid from somewhere. One of my previous students, perhaps?

Of course I was friendly to the kid, and I thought that he was just being friendly too. Throughout the party, though, this boy stood next to me when he was on break, chatted with me, was ultra-nice to my daughters (ogling over them and not any of the other kids at the party), and unsolicited brought the pony over to me so I could pet it. It was getting to the point that I was starting to feel a little self conscious about the attention.

Eventually, he offered – even pressed a little - to give me a turn to ride the pony.

I declined.

When it was time to leave, he made a point of yelling, “Goodbye! Have a great weekend!” to me from across the way.

And as my four kids and I drove off in our minivan into the sunset, he stuck his head and arm out his boss’s truck and waved goodbye.

Crazy cowboy kid.

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Selene said...

Coyboys must have a 6th sense about girls who know how to handle a horse and a man. Yeehaw.

I attract delivery boys. What does that say? "Selene knows how to handle a package."

I suppose that isn't so bad.