Friday, September 02, 2005

At the office

School is in, and that means that I am back at the office. Had an in-service yesterday that was ever so joyful – particularly when one crabapple threw a fit when our supervisor neglected to purchase a “team” shirt for her. Ms. Crabbypants only works on site five hours a week, so she doesn’t get a shirt. Neither did any of the other five hour a weekers.

I offered to give Ms. C the shirt off my back, but my supervisor wouldn’t have it. Work could have been fun yesterday, but, alas, I had to keep my shirt on.

I guess Ms. C is just another one of those angry “man-haters.” Does she wonder why her divorce was ever so ugly?


Selene said...

Crabbypants needs to get a life. Maybe you could buy her a BVD and decorate it with Puff Paints. Write something like:

"I only work 5 hours a week so my company wouldn't even spring for a stupid polo shirt for me."

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bluesugarpoet said...

Sure I won't kewl...I am already regretting that you spammed my blog.

Yes, nothing says that you are loved by the company like a nice Puff Paint hand-made shirt. And while I’m at it, I can make a nice craft that she can wear around her neck.

Other good slogans for the shirt:

“I went to work today, and all they got me was this stupid shirt.”

“I am stoopid.” (We all will wear polos, of course, that read, “I work with stupid.”)

pjd said...

OK, I don't really get it. How much do the shirts cost? How many 5-hour-a-week workers are there? This would seem to me to fit into that broad category known affectionately as "it costs us f***-all and makes the peons feel like we really care, so buy them the damn shirt." Seems like $5 in shirt purchase could have bought a lot more than $5 in loyalty.

OK, I agree that if there's a rule and you fall on one side, then don't whine about it and don't throw a fit. No use in burning all your bridges before you've even seen what's on the other side.

And for the record, if I was the boss, I'd have let you give her your shirt for the day and promised you a new one when I could get my hands on them. One. I mean get my hands on one.

Gracie said...

I like the Stoopid shirt idea.

I also think PJD might have a good one. By good one, I mean "point" of course. And by point, I don't mean "pointy one". I just mean - you know...a good idea...about the t-shirt, not what's in the t-shirt, just about the boss getting his hands on a t-shirt, for the employee, not of the employee.

Oh hell. You get the point...

bluesugarpoet said...

Yeah, seems like a no-brainer that my boss should have bought the stupid shirt up front. She knows that now. But we do have 20 or so 5hr/wk people who work full time somewhere else. All of those other people consider the site where they work the most their "home" school. Understandable. Mrs. C's home school is at the GED program. Guess she doesn't see that as her "home" program.