Tuesday, September 06, 2005

School is in

One summer down, one school year to go. It was the first day back to school for two of the four little poets. I’ve never seen two children more excited to get back to school than these two.

Back to school prep begins back in July when Mom hits the sales and buys school supplies before the Labor Day mark up. Which is crazy because I am guaranteed to find the 10-cent Rose Art 24 pack o’crayons at Wal-Crap any day of the week any day of the year.

But the volume of glue sticks required in this school district is what always sends me to the stores in July when I can buy a pack of 3 for 20 cents vs. the 2.00 per pack I would have had to pay had I waited. Plus, there was a year or two when I waited too late to get the supplies, and then there wasn’t a glue stick to be found in the city – even at Wal-Crap. God knows that the kids need the glue sticks to fashion the menagerie of paper art work that I am seriously considering using to wall paper my house with due to the sheer tonnage of the stuff that gets sent home.

Anyway, the fourth grader was up, dressed, down stairs with her backpack on (that has been packed and ready to go since July), and was eating breakfast by 7:00 AM. School starts at 9:10. Half way through the morning, I had to kindly ask her to stop updating me every two minutes on what time it was.

Needless to say, everyone was in class and set way before the bell rang for school to start. Completing the parent/student first day of class stuff was a little tricky, though, for a parent who has multiple children. I just want to get my girls to their desks and orient them to their new classroom without having the extra assignment piled on top of that task, thank you. Plus, there were a few kids who didn’t have a parent there to help them out…one little guy looked at me with big fearful eyes and said, “Hi. I don’t know what to do.” So of course I helped him out too.

Then as I hurried home with the two younger poets so I could take my four-year-old in to get immunized. All and all, it’s been an interesting morning. I need another cup of coffee.

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