Wednesday, September 21, 2005

catch phrase

I’m adding a new catch phrase to my “platform.” Okay, I’m neither a beauty queen nor a politician, but it’s nice to have a platform regardless in case I might need it some day.

Which brings me back to my platform catch phrase: options. I always want to have them. Options are good because without them I only have one choice.

Some people flat out don’t like “options” because having them can seem to undermine “faith.” I say it takes more faith to have options – a multi-directional plan means that you have to be ready to full on change directions at a moments notice. Opting for the unknown and dumping the current path mid-stream takes a tremendous amount of faith.

Also, options are good if what is going on right now seems to be spiraling down into the crapper. I would prefer to jump off that boat ride and avoid the final flush if at all possible – and having options gives me that alternative.

Yes, the “options” piece is going to really fit in nicely with the “Up with People” plan (you remember, “I am for people…whatever it is that works in the advancement of and for people, I am for it”). Options are definitely “pro-people.”


Gracie said...

If you should ever run for office - I will TOTALLY vote for you.

Selene said...

Yeah, I'm with her.