Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm still here!

Don't go away, dear readers! There is much blogging to be done for sure, but between the packing and the packing - well, you understand.

When did I acquire all of this junk, by the way? If someone were to use a little accelerant and strike a match to it all, well, I wouldn't be sad.

Good news - the washer is fixed. It turns out that when a scarf, loose change, and sticks work their way into the motor, the motor for some reason stops working. Lucky for us, we bought the extended warranty. I'll have to be more diligent in checking pockets.

Speaking of laundry, before the washer could be fixed, I had the pleasure visiting the "Laundry Mat" east of where I live. It's the closest coin operated laundry in the vicinity, and I had to drive 25 minutes to get there. Crazy. Anyway, my two eldest accompanied me, and I hadn't realized how sheltered they were until that little adventure. This was a clean place too (well, not counting the inch layer of dust on the CEILING). So they gawked a bit. I don't know why. There were only two shirtless homeless guys hanging out on the bench out front, and two guys giving each other back rubs inside the place. They had their shirts on.

Anyway, more stories to tell when I get a chance - oh, and the inquisition. Thanks, Peter. :)


Dalene said...

Ha Ha Ha... Laundromats are great adventures, indeed. Ugh...I'm glad we haven't had to pack in 9 years!

pjd said...

Sheltered, yes. It is pretty remarkable that washers/dryers are so ubiquitous that a coin-op laundry can't be a viable business any more in most locations. It says a lot about how privileged we are as a society. Much of the world still washes their clothes by banging them with rocks in the local (most likely polluted) river.

Whenever I hear "the Inquisition" I think of two things: One is the Monty Python crew yelling, "NOOOObody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" The other is Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I, in which there's a musical ditty about the Inquisition that I found hilarious when I was an 11 year old boy. Hold on... wait a mo... yup, here it is.

Ch@ndy said...

it's still very funny

Anthony said...

Maybe I'm just simple, but I loved the space scenes from that movie.

those homeless guys were probably washing their shirts. you're just lucky you didn't stay for their second load.

bluesugarpoet said...

Yeah - I have had that Mel Brooks tune in my head ever since I read that post title on your blog!!! "The in-qui-siiiii-tion! The in-qui-siiii-tion!"

Funny, Anthony - I am glad I didn't stay for that load. Those guys were nice. One even held the door for me while I was lugging my laundry in. And then he went back to talking to himself. Reminded me of home - ah, Salem and your half-way houses. I miss that about you, Salem.

bluesugarpoet said...

Did I mention that I hate packing? Good think my mom is here to help me - otherwise I would have only three boxes packed.

pjd said...

Send in the nuns!

Packing. How bourgeois.

Ch@ndy said...

Tell your mom I said hi!

ChrisEldin said...

We had one a few blocks over from our old house. Now, we'd probably have to drive the same distance.
Interesting story.... Looking for more details coming soon!!

pjd said...

Did you get swallowed up by Sacramento? What's happened? I threw a Facebook sheep at you and everything.