Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marathon Girlz

Ch@ndy is in, Dalene is in, I am in, and possible one or two others are in. Why not consider joining us?

Here is the plan so far: Ch@ndy and I (and others) will attempt a practice marathon this fall - possibly this marathon in Sacramento. Dalene will be attempting to redeem the Chicago marathon experience that was utterly disasterous last year (if you remember, high temperatures caused officials to shut down the marathon early. Dalene was on mile 20 when that happened. Can you believe it?!!! All of that hard work down the toilet!!). And then all of us girlz will converge in 2009 to tackle a marathon together. Yay!!!

Speaking of toilets, Dalene (the expert racer here) has been generous enough to share her "marathons for novices" linky links, and - by far - I've found this article to be most useful:
Runner's diarrhea: How can I prevent it?

Sweet! Perhaps I won't have to invest in those thong running diapers Ch@ndy and I have been meaning to invent.


pjd said...

thong running diapers

That is SOOO wrong.

Unless you have a lisp, in which case, that is THOOO wrong.

bluesugarpoet said...

Leave it to you, Peter, to make something funny even *more* funny!

Thong running diaperth. Thooo bourgeois.

pjd said...

Which of course brings up the question: How, exactly, does a person with a lisp say "bourgeois"?

bluesugarpoet said...


ChrisEldin said...


Thanks for visiting my blog during the contests!!!

I just linked you, so I can find you much easier!

Do you know Bunny Girl? She's one of my links. Triathlete Mama. hehe! You two make me tired..... I need a cake.

Dalene said...

This leads me to a key point...the one sock run.

When I ran the KC marathon, I didn't need to worry about it... but OH Chicago...Chicago my little evil friend...you sent me to the porta pottie many a time.

All I can say is: bandana. And go ahead and flush the ex-lax down the toilet. You won't be needing that for a few months.

Sheesh I wish I could run Sacramento with you! We'll go somewhere exciting in 2009. I vote for Hawaii.

Maria said...

Hey -- there's a Nike women's marathon in SF every October too!

bluesugarpoet said...

Maria - does this mean you are "in"???!!!

Dalene - freaking hilarious. I'll remember to bring something to take care of that. A few packages of flushable wipes? Definitely a bandana.

Ch@ndy said...

So, I am away from blogland for a few days and come back to find out I am running a marathon?? In freaking October!!! What the hay-ell? I thought you said a half-marathon?

I will not be d-reahing myself. It will be rice and pasta for days before the race, plain, no butter, no cheese. Where can I buy "Opps! I Crapped My Pants" athletic diapers?

Dalene said...

Good luck with the rice and pasta plan.

Seriously...it's peventable. And seriously...there are porta potties. And yes...looks like you're in for a full marathon.

Ha Ha Ha....

Dalene said...

did i just write


how ironic.

bluesugarpoet said...

Pee-ventable. Good one!

What is 13 more miles, Ch@ndy? Plus, we can always decide in Aug. what we will shoot for based on how our training is going.