Tuesday, March 24, 2009

emerald and fuschia rhythmically sway
arms reaching, delicate hands opening and twisting
a wave and a snap; ebony locks swirl,
low rumbles pound the back beat
while melodic vibrations saturate
the tapestry of sound.
bodies slide and snap; hands push
and pull, arms thrust,
beauty glides, barefooted.
Just a taste of Punjabi.


Aniket said...

Beautifully written Jana.

Guess you've recovered well after the marathon, now that you've donned your poetic cap again. :-)

My fav. line was "a wave and a snap; ebony locks swirl".

PS: Punjabi's have seemed to impressed you a lot. :-)

Karen said...

I hope Jennifer at The Bride Wore Magenta reads this one. I concur with Aniket about the line, but I add the phrase "the tapestry of sound." Very nice!

bluesugarpoet said...

Thanks Anks! :) yes, I am quite fascinated with the Punjabi crowd for sure - my students from India and surrounding countries are fantastic - funny, dedicated, artistic, creative...it's been a blast learning about their cultural experiences.

Thank you, Karen! You are always so kind with your complements too. :)