Friday, March 13, 2009

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow... the big run, and I am feeling mighty anxious. It's my first ultra trail run (50k - which is 31 miles for those of you who live in the United States). What makes this run special is that it draws world class runners from all over the country. Apparently, it's the start of the ultra running season, and serious ultra runners are working towards a qualifying time for the Western States 100m.

Of course knowing that I'll be competing against *real* runners - people who know what they are doing out there - is ridiculous. And embarrassing. Oh, it will only be embarrassing when those people are sitting in their lawn chairs that will be lined up along the last mile of the trail so that they can cheer on people like me to the finish

....because I will be walking that last up-hill mile.

Luckily, I know for sure that there is at leas one 63-year-old woman signed up for this race. And I'll tell you straight up - I'm not afraid to knock her down just so I can pass her at the end of the race.

That is if I can catch up to her in that last mile...


Jerolyn Bogear said...

Good luck and play nice. :D ~J

Jane D. said...

Remember how you lapped that woman in October at the Cow Town can do this! I saw you at the seemed like you could another 5 miles.

Jill Nelson said...

Good luck! My little brother's getting to know someone who's an ultra runner... crazy reading her stories about running 25 miles just for fun to see what her pace could be for 50 miles, and how she can't wait to run 100 soon. I think about how running one mile might be nice.
Can't wait to read about how it goes!

Karen said...

Good luck! Be proud of yourself for the training and commitment!

supergirl said...

bsp, I don't know how you do it. Running [in general]... *shudder*

But that's just me ^_^.

bluesugarpoet said...

Thanks, Jer!

Hey, Jill! Thanks for dropping by! Ultra runners are crazy, no doubt about it. that's why I fit in! :)

Thanks, Karen!

Hi, SuperGirl!!! That's exactly what Poetroad says about running, lol! :)