Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Haiku Me

thirty nine in bloom
on three twenty nine oh nine;
your best haiku, please.

share a memory
or admit how you know me,
all friends, old and new.

roast me or toast me,
sing me your birthday wishes
in 5-7-5.


Aniket said...

Tons of Hugs & Kisses,
From everyone who misses,
My Birthday Wishes.

A thousand returns,
To desire what you may,
A very happy birthday.

We love you so much,
Like a monkey does banana,
Happy Birthday oh Jana!!!


Dave King said...

Happy birthday. Celebrate.
Time to party,

Karen said...

Haican't haiku -- never could for some reason. So -- with no poetry in my brain this morning, I'll just wish you the best! Haihope you have a wonderful day and many, many more.

bluesugarpoet said...

Nice work, Anks - thanks for the XOs!

Dave - perfect birthday wishes for a poet. :)

Karen - "haican't haiku" - thanks for the birthday laughs and well wishes! :)

Ekotsard said...

a quarter that leaps
Chaerea stops Caligula
hold fast and slow time

Jane D. said...

I put this on my blog for it is again! Happy Birthday to my favorite childhood babysitter.

a late arrival
three, two-nine, seven-seven
a lie? I deny.

Anthony said...

birthday for Jana
a day like any other?
I surely hope not.

Kelsey said...

I cant do poetry either, haha. But a verry happy birthday to my favorite aunt! I hope you have a very blessed day.

Kelsey-Jeremiah and Kaede too.

bluesugarpoet said...

ekostard - oh, that is deep, man.;)

Jane - i suppose the first line really isn't a secret, lol. You have a good memory!

Anthony - thanks for chiming in - it means a lot. :)

Thanks, Kelsey! Hey, wait a minute...i'm your *only* aunt, lol. :)

Dalene said...

A mom who runs, reads, writes, sings:
Twenty-nine at heart.

College English Class-
Discussions with Dr. Brown,
I miss her, do you?

Now a Cyber Friend-
Do you actually exist?
I may never know.

Yippee for Birthdays!
It's time to celebrate YOU!
Mediocre? No.

bluesugarpoet said...

Girl, I've been running
in your footsteps since college!
YOU inspire ME!

(thanks for the awesome haikus! :)Dr. Brown, sadly, passed away about a month ago. She was a kick in the butt - even up to the day she finally let go, so I hear).

pjd said...

Dudley tradition
birthday cards are never "late"
it's the thought that counts


thirty-nine? ha, ha!
next you'll say you have four kids
--ton ami, Pierre


I am heartbroken
but I have a good excuse
I missed your birthday

bluesugarpoet said...

the haiku master
descends from snow covered peaks
fashionably late

thanks for the haikus, peter - lovely! ;)

still thinking !!! said...

haiku queen talking about haiku in a haiku

Zara Bosman said...

Google sent me here
on three fifteen oh one one.
My best haiku. No.

Share a memory?
Or admit how I know you?
All friends, old and new?

Roast you or toast you?
Sing to you birthday wishes?
In 5-7-5?

In 5-7-5.
Written from across the world.
I like how you write.

bluesugarpoet said...

@Zara - that was the nicest surprise to see your haikus! :) Thank you, and welcome to my blog. :)