Monday, March 02, 2009

"No Line on the Horizon"

Looks like I will be staying up late for the next week. U2's new album will be released on March, 3 in the United States, so in honor of the release, U2 is performing on Letterman every night this week!

Yeah, we don't HAVE TIVO.

Poetroad is seriously considering driving around tonight to see if he can buy the album at midnight. Right, he does know about this new crazy technology called "MP3s" that are downloadable right to his computer. But he wants to HOLD the disc in his hands. And perhaps hear the rush of gossamer wings and angelic voices singing "LAAAAAAAAAA" as he unwraps the jewel case.


Karen said...

Funny! I'm not that way about U2 (although I'm not too old to notice Bono's virtues!), but I hear that sound when I enter Sephora. LOL

iron girl traveling said...

Want me to record here? Can always do a post-Bible study U2 session!!

bluesugarpoet said...

That's funny Karen - (and now I'm wondering if you are working on that Sephora sonnet) LOL

Thanks iron girl - I can never get enough of Larry Mullen Jr. Wait, there are other guys in that band too?

JR's Thumbprints said...

U2 rocks, but whatever happened to The Kitchens of Distinction; they rock too.

As for purchasing the U2 CD - it's downloadable and resellable. The only way to go.

Beth said...

I got the album the other day on sale at target! Woot! I love it. How do you like it?